Friday, June 3, 2011

A new challenge - stash busting!

So I just finished a whole stack of eBaying retired stamps and ones I don't like any more (they usually came from eBay on a whim!). I have culled my collection down to about 40 clamshell sets - but even then, I kept some sets that haven't seen ink in a long time. Plus, now Stew is a demo (!) and I have access to the new catalogue, I can see my collection growing... My plan is simple - I am going to use some of my stamp sets by focussing on them for at least one card, then evaluating whether it deserves it's place in my collection. Until I can divide my Expedit shelves that is!

So first up was an easy one. I love this set, bought it on a total whim as I didn't think it was my style, but somehow, all the cards I make with it, I just love! But I thought it was best to start easy! Here is "True Friend":
I just love the circus font combos and the style of the stamps. I took the set around with me last night and made this today:

I really like it, so this set stays. You might think this was a forgone conclusion and you're probably right, but I had to start somewhere. Next up: "Owl Together Now" - bought last week at a yard sale for $3 and possibly headed to eBay tomorrow. Check back to find out!

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