Sunday, October 28, 2012

Single Stamps and 15% off!

Just a quick heads up - in case I can't get online tomorrow (Thanks Sandy, bah!):

You may not be aware that SU! are now offering a limited number of single stamps. I think it's pretty awesome, particularly for the Word Play ones - I actually have the set but only use 3 of the stamps in it! Wish this promotion had been around when I bought it... To find the Single Stamps selection on my website, click "Shop Now", then "Stamps", then "Single Stamps". There are so many great stamps in this selection, including some great options for holiday cards.

Want to know the best part though? Tomorrow ONLY, there is 15% off pretty much ALL stamps SU! sells. That includes the fabulous cookies stamps. I have a few sets of those in mind for Christmas gifts. And I used them today on our "emergency" cookie supply:

Can't you tell I have my priorities just right!! (Just to give credit where it's due, Jacob actually stamped these! Didn't he do great? He is VERY excited for Hallowe'en, so we are really hoping Sandy will have been & gone by then).

The digital kit offer also starts tomorrow, though that's not such a panic as it runs for a week. What digital kit offer Bexx? The 50% off ALL digital kits offer! There are also 3 downloads available for FREE. Yes, free. Gotta love a freebie, right? Even if you haven't yet dipped your toe in the water of digital designing, download them anyway - you just never know when you might fancy giving it a whirl!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Just a quick pic of my new stamping space!

Super Duper Offers!

Just wanted to share this with you - it starts on Monday! I will be stocking up...

There is also a super-special 15% off ALL stamp sets on Monday only... watch this space!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Moving house...

Well, we're in our new house and more or less sorted! Phew!

It has been an incredibly hard couple of weeks, Stew has been working loads of hours. Thankfully my Dad came to the rescue on a transatlantic jumbo jet! He left today, and I drove him to the airport. Whilst I was there, I decided to go to IKEA to buy another table for my new craft room. Clearly, I hadn't measured so I am now dealing with the fact that it's 2 inches too long for the space. AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!

I am hoping a brainwave strikes during the night. I really wanted to get up & running tonight but it is not to be. It feels like it's been WEEKS since I stamped!