Saturday, February 1, 2014

A pinch and a punch...

For the FIRST of the month! (This is a silly thing my husband and I always do, I usually remember first so he catches it!)

All my January projects got finished, which I was amazed and pleased about! So, onto this month...

Being as it's a shorter month I'm lowering my sights just a little...

Project 1: February Mug Rug. Another Patchsmith design, this time with a Valentine's theme. Really, really need to get crack-a-lacking on this one! 


Project 2: Appliqued Dish Towels. I don't have a picture of these as the idea is ever so slightly invented. Ha! That's going to go well then... ;)

Project 3: Chair Back Pockets (by Jacob's request). Jacob & Leo have a little table and two chairs in our living room and Jacob wants to be able to put colouring books into the pockets.

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