Friday, July 1, 2011

Expedit Divided

After seeing on someone's blog (sorry, I can't remember whose!) the rationale for storing SU! clamshells on their sides, I decided to have a go at dividing my IKEA Expedit unit's shelves to make more storage room.

I measured up (it was Bexx-measuring though, hmmm, looks about yay big) and set out for Lowe's with Jake. We bravely navigated the wall fastenings aisle (there was a whole AISLE of nails, screws, brackets, and goodness-only knows what) and found those little dooberrys that you put into your kitchen cupboard. Bought a shed of those, then off to the lumber department!

Located some OK looking wood (not too pricey, reasonable finish) and got it sawed by a pleasant fellow with a big beard and wearing shorts. Lowe's must be a cool place to work! J wasn't too pleased with the noise of the saw but we battled through it!

Got home to discover Stew hadn't bought any drill bits when he bought the drill (really?). So went back to Lowe's. Stew drilled the holes (as he didn't think much of Bexx-measuring) and voila!

I am loving it as I suddenly have loads more room for stamps. Also, as we use my Expedit as a room divider, the stamp stacks invariably fell down through into the dining room when I tried to get a clamshell from the bottom of the stack. So this way works much better for that reason too!
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