Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A challenge for my friend...

So, I managed to hook yet another stamper! Her name is Laura and she is an AWESOME crafter. Already! She actually signed up as my Stampin' Up! downline...

She hasn't been stamping long at all (perhaps a month or so?) so I thought tonight I'd throw down the gauntlet and challenge her to make a card. First I suggested a sketch card, but she was concerned she didn't have any shapes. So we went for inspiration instead.

This is the photo Laura chose:

And here's my take:

I went with the colour scheme. I was going to make a Christmas card using a central Christmas tree & a neon star but couldn't find quite the right stamp.

I'll post Laura's as soon as I see it... she's got another 5 mins till my deadline. Harsh, ain't I!!!???


  1. Great design, Bexx! I can feel the wind blowing your delicate blossoms across your card!!

  2. Oh what a great card! I love the windy look!