Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well, Lori's challenge today was to incorporate the idea of "regifting" into your layout! Now I have to say, I had never heard of the term before, but I knew instantly what it meant. What a perfect name for it! If you haven't heard of regifting, it's when someone gives you a gift which isn't required, so you keep it in hand to use as a gift for someone else. Personally I have never done that, and I doubt I would, as I have such a rubbish "poker face" that the recipient would know something was up! I also love choosing personal gifts for people (it's shopping, come on!) so this would not be my cup of tea!

Anyway. My layout! I tried to go vintage a bit, not my style at all but I'm reasonably pleased with it. I "recycled" the backing paper (a paper bag from an antiques shop) and the gold ribbon I saved at Christmas from a gift I received. And also I bought this stamp set (SU Office Accoutrements) second hand...So I think I can just about sneak this one in under the radar!

I have had such fun this week, following the challenges, and I am really chuffed that I kept up. Shame I couldn't manage them all the way along but ho hum!
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  1. Really like the vintage look on this!!

  2. Adorable photos here and great work with the challenge!

  3. I think your regifted items work perfectly for the feel you were going for! Very nice. And way to figure out the term. Also, not something I would do - but I've had it done to me and with less than good results - sigh.

  4. I love it!!! Might have to steal this idea, especially since I have a bag just like the one you used. That was such a great day shopping! Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea Bexx. :-)