Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Grungy baby card

Well, what a crazy couple of days. Yesterday i'd made a stamping date, but got out of gym to find a missed call from Stew. He wanted to ask me if the realtor could do a showing 3 hours later. I'd just been moaning to my gym buddy Lovely Heather about what a tip the house was in.... So went home & cleaned my butt off. Best bit was, Leo wouldn't nap so I carried him round the whole time. Hoovering one handed is surprisingly easy.

Today has been mixed! My lovely friend Zhenya came over with her "cute as chips" daughter. I was in the middle of baking a monster batch of cookies, as another friend just had a baby and I like to give cookies so that they can offer them to visitors. Anyway. After she'd left, i had to dash to the loo as Not-so-lovely-Heather has given me a tummy rot bug!

Leo found it hilarious to eat his oatmeal from the Masked Woman (very much DO NOT want either boy to get this) but I had to admit defeat and call Stew home from work.

Feeling a bit better now, so I've been catching up on my grungy baby card. Like it?


  1. I really like the blend of colors - nice take on the grungy card for a baby!

  2. The background is amazing...is it stamped...or paper?

    1. Wrinkle free distress and stamping. Used a pearl mister instead of water for one of the distress ink layers. Thanks very much!

  3. The die cut clouds and sentiment are the perfect finishing touch for this precious card, Bexx!

    Hope you are feeling even better now!

  4. Love this grungy baby card. You have my wheels turning thinking about ways I could make something similar.