Friday, September 28, 2012

Squeaking in with my last two Chrimbo cards for September...

Phew! Made it!

I am however behind on my ACAD challenges, but I have GREAT PLANS for this weekend. (Don't they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions? I think they invented that saying just for me.)

Christmas Wishes Clear-Mount Stamp Set
As always, (for Christmas cards anyway) I made two of these. The top and bottom parts of the balloon are raised up a wee smidgen, as is the basket. It's a simple card, but I had fun with it and I am seriously LOVING this set... it's a Hostess Rewards set called Christmas Wishes (only available if you host a party of $150 or more) which means it's SUPER BARGAINACIOUS:

For Clear-mount, it's $11 of your hostess dollars (these are FREE and you get at least $25 hostess dollars with a $150 party / big order), or in wood it's $14. The images are lovely and big (no more umming and ahhing about how the heck to fill up the rest of the space! Ask me how I'm an expert on that...), cute, and very versatile. 

Speaking of parties and the like, my lovely friend Laurajane has decided to host a party for me! It's going to be November 5th (remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder treason and plot!) and I am very excited. She is a superstar. My first "proper" party! It'll be a blast. I wish I could have squeaked it in in October but it just wasn't working with our schedules. 

I've set myself a target of selling $300 a month for September, October, and November. I've actually exceeded it in September (so proud!) but October is looking dicey as I move slap-bang in the middle of the month. Oh well, I'll think of something. That - or perhaps you have suggestions? PLEASE share if you do!

In other news, I have also signed up to do a craft fair at the end of November! Very excited. So November looks BUSY... Praxis, Party, Thanksgiving, and Craft Fair! 

Just watched Hunger Games with Stew. I thought they did a good job. Shame the next two books are a bit pants. Jacob has soccer tomorrow morning (4th out of 6 sessions, not sure he'll want to do it again, but he really has tried his best so I am proud of him); and Leo had his 6 month check up on Wednesday. He is a stonking 19lbs 8oz!!! 



  1. I love this fabulous holiday card, Bexx! Such vibrant color from those new foam pads!!

  2. Ooh I like this set! October is my month for my hostess club so I may get it! Speaking of that, a hostess club might work for you! My demo has a group of 10 ladies (ours is actually 9 I think) and each one "hosts" each month. We do the evening of card making at the demos house so the hostess just has to provide snacks. We each have to order at least $15 each month and that means everyone has a qualifying party. The demo does a card kit so we get to stamp together and try a new product or technique each month. It is really fun and means the demo is doing at least $150 just from that one might, guarantees every month. And I don't know of anyone who only orders the minimum!

    Your little one is so big! Mine waa born at 8lbs and was up to 9lbs at his two week check up so I may have a chunker on my hands too :).

    Btw, what is "pants"? Like the next two Hunger Games books.

    1. I'd love to have a hostess club but I only currently have 3 customers! Perhaps in the future... I just love sharing SU! with people, so it would be perfect for me. :S

      Leo was 8lbs 5oz at birth, and it was very quickly apparent that he's a guzzler! Chunkers are fab!

      Pants means a bit rubbish. So, I'm kind of of the opinion that the other two Hunger Games books weren't anywhere near as good as the first, sadly.

    2. I agree with you about the second to books in the series. It's a shame because book 1 was so good!

  3. Thanks for making this card with that stamp set. I've been looking at the set for months, but just couldn't come up with anything to make using it so I passed it over. Your card is so bright and cheerful though! Super cute.