Friday, September 21, 2012

My Dad is 70 on Wednesday!

Isn't that crazy?

I have been absolutely wracking my brain trying to think of something really special to give him, but I have failed. So I settled for a book about the Auto Train (he's a huge train buff), and a handmade card. I'm still hoping for a flash of inspiration on his pressie!

Anyway, here's his card:


Whisper White cardstock ($8.50, 100730)
Champagne Glimmer Paper ($4.95, 127885)
Pool Party cardstock ($6.95, 122924)
Sakura Gelly Roll pen
Rectangle die
Designer Paper from my stash

I drew and cut out the numbers all by myself!

I also have another couple of BIG projects to get on with:

** Jacob's Ninjago costume for Halloween. I picked up a super-cheap Karate uniform on Amazon which I am going to dye blue (for Jay, the Lightning Ninja). Then I will sew on some silver parts, somehow fabricate shoulder pads and a head scarf type scenario and hopefully he will be a very happy Ninja!

** Florida scrapbook album - I've bought divided page protectors and a Simply Scrappin' kit (my first, but I have NO IDEA why I waited this long, it's lush!)
Pinwheels on Parade Simply Scrapping ($21.95, 126929)
Divided Page Protectors ($5.95, 127690)

** House move (October 15th onwards)

** .... and last night I booked myself onto the November 3rd Praxis 1 tests... yep, I'm going to try to get certified to teach over here as I have reasons to believe we'll be here longer than planned... I am excited but nervous. It's 2 years since I did anything remotely intellectual so I expect I am severely rusty! The plan is to get Praxis 1 under my belt, then hit the books to prepare for Praxis 2 in the areas I need. I am kind of excited, but also nervous. It's amazing how quickly you lose all semblance of self-confidence as a SAHM - it's not all it's cracked up to be! :D


  1. Love the card for your dad, and I am impressed you did the 70 yourself! I am never brave enough to do that :).

    I don't really scrap anymore but I have some old SS kits I use on cards still - love them, and the new ones are even better!

    Good luck on all your upcoming stuff. Moving and then testing sounds so stressful - be sure to take time for yourself!

    And what is Praxis? I should probably just Google it ;)
    In my experience, doing something "professional" has a lot of benefits. It is nice to feel like you are really good at something, and I think that as moms there aren't many benchmarks. You don't get a review or much feedback to tell you how you are doing. In the "real world" adults usually say thank you as well, which is nice! At the same time, I am so blessed to be able to return to being an SAHM with my second baby. You'll do great I am sure!

    1. You've hit the nail on the head there, PaperPixie. There are no benchmarks! I think that's why SAHMs can be so catty and competitive (not all by any means, but I think we've all come across them!). Thanks for all the good wishes.

      Praxis is a test here in the US you have to take to get onto teacher training courses. They also use it for benchmarking foreign teachers, seemingly. I am a qualified Chemistry teacher with more than 4 years teaching experience and a Masters, but I need to prove I can read & write. Fair enough I suppose! Praxis 1 is Reading, Writing and Mathematics; then 2 is teaching theory & subject knowledge. 1 should be fine, it's 2 I'm worried about!!

  2. Great card for your dad! Have fun making the costume-I wish I could be so crafty and good luck with the testing! I had to take a certification exam last November to finish out my medical coding schooling and it was tough-a 3 hour exam that I used every second of-so I understand where you're coming from!

  3. Congrats to your dad. To me, 70 sounds pretty young LOL!!! Great job with numbers - they look super on that card.

  4. Great job on your dad's card, the 70 looks great! I love SS kits, have taught several classes using them and they are always a big hit.

    Good luck with the testing, although you don't need it, you will do fine!

  5. 70 never looked so good!! What a great card to honor this fabulous milestone for your dad!

    Best wishes and good luck on your tests!!