Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V-day!

Hello everyone! I am sitting her in my PJs at 8.05am because my wonderful husband has taken the boys to nursery. So it's just Solomon and I here, enjoying a lazy morning.

I wanted to share some pictures of the Valentines I sent for Jacob & Leo's nursery pals & teachers. I am quite proud of myself this time round, lesson learned: start early!

Ella's Kitchen Milk & Vanilla Baby Cookies 108gOK so here are Leo's pressies - Leo is 10months and he goes in the Baby Room every Thursday. So thinking of an appropriate Valentine was tricky but then I spotted these in the cupboard:

So I jazzed them up a bit:

In case you can't see, the sentiment says "Whale you be mine?" How cute!!!

Then, for Jacob's room, I got these pencils at Target and whipped up these little labels:

I cobbled the "You are just" and "for me" together from some random stamps. There was cutting up of stamps involved! (shock! horror!)

Finally for the teachers, I made these little cookie goody bags:

Spot the funky cookies? I used food colouring on my usual speciality, sugar cookies stamped with SU! cookie stamps. They bizarrely matched the DSP I used... now that's serendipity! Truly accident rather than design as I was aiming for pale pink & pale purple, NOT Calypso Coral and Rich Razzleberry, but who's counting!?

Have a wonderful day... I suppose I should start thinking about de-PJing...


  1. The valentines turned out wonderfully. And that is so amazing that the cookies matched the DP. Love it,