Friday, April 19, 2013

Beautiful Basics match report!

Well, I did my FIRST CLASS today - Beautiful Basics!

My aim was to help people release their creativity by showing them how to START card making. So, we covered cutting cardstock, scoring, matting, making the most of your stamps, colour coordination... etc etc. It was great because as I got them to do all the cutting, I just put the stacks of paper out & let them loose! That probably wouldn't work with too many more people but I am going to limit numbers. In fact, I already have 3 sign-ups for the next class, Embossing Extravaganza! (May 23rd - more details to follow)

Janette (and Solomon!) fiddling with ribbon.

Laura working away!

Janette's cards. Didn't she do a fab job!?

And Laura's cards! Can you believe it was her first time stamping?

It was lovely to stamp with friends today. I also did MORE stamping today, my upline Heather and I had a stamping lunch at Panera. I managed to get all of Jacob's (admittedly very simple - I'm ninja'd out!) thankyou cards done. All I have to do now is write them & mail them! 

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  1. Great cards - looks like your class was a huge success!