Sunday, January 26, 2014

January progress report

Scrapbooking Supplies organisation: DONE! (See earlier blog post!)

Table Topper: Top of the quilt is DONE! I have decided to use fleece for the backing but I am about 1/2" short (VERY ANNOYING) so I plan to buy new today. Bah! This always happens! I had a few problems with joining all my pieces together - probably my measurements were off. I definitely need practice on my 1/4" seam.

Knit House purse: Front is DONE, working on the back! I tried to figure out knitting in different colours within the same row myself and it was a disaster so I googled intarsia & started again. That made it better but I definitely need more practice with that technique.

Here is the front in progress:

In dire need of blocking! I was going to do the purse lining this morning but I can't find the zip I bought! It's just not my morning for projects I suspect.

I also made a mug rug:

From a pattern by The Patchsmith on Craftsy. Seriously addicted to making those, I already have the next one lined up.

And of course the piggy hat!

Stay tuned for *hopefully* finished projects and new targets for February! 

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  1. Thats so very cool!!!!! I love the little cup matts.