Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shop is OPEN!!

Wahey! I opened my Etsy shop today - check out the link on the right! I was very pleased to have a customer within the first few minutes of sharing the link on FB - my old colleague Alison! She bought three cards, which was lovely, but tricky as I've tailored my shipping charges to single purchases and I'm going to end up out of pocket on the shipping. Oh well, perhaps I'll figure out a better method at some point!

I am feeling pretty inspired right now, it is very nice to "get going" although I only made it to 8 cards out of the target of 15. Just thought I'd better get on with putting the Valentine's up! Next job is going to be new baby cards and some kid's birthday cards. I found it really tricky doing girl's stuff for Christmas gifts so we shall see how birthday cards work out!

I also made a BIG SU! order last night, I have planned some activities for Stamp Night around new stuff, plus I've restocked all my paper and bought supplies for Jacob's birthday party invitations. As a bonus, my neighbour signed up to SU! under me which is pretty funny as she was my only "customer". Somehow I need to expand my customer base but I don't think it'll happen without some effort on my part... :D Oh well right now is PROBABLY not the best time as it's only 2 months until Baby Pyne mkII arrives. No decisions on name as yet. Only disagreements!

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