Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trimester Three

So I'm apparently officially in my third trimester now and I am shattered! Neither Stew nor I are sleeping well, probably because I just have pains on both sides of my legs, hips & pelvis. This is not fun!

Anyway Stew and I have finished the light tent, it works pretty well now I've bought a new desk lamp & daylight bulb. Stew is in charge of taking & processing images so I hope to be able to post my first pics from it tonight. That being said, I haven't yet made a single item to sell, I am just practising with my stock cards! I was hoping to crank out some cards today as I do have the odd idea floating about in my brain, but today just seemed to fly by without much achievement.

Stew apparently almost fell asleep in J's bed after storytime just now until Jacob told him to "go downstairs and help Mummy with the lamp"... so here are the first pics. I need another lamp methinks and there is still quite a bit of tinkering to be done. Perhaps trying in daylight will help too....

What I like about these shots is that they do give all the detail of the card. However they're still pretty dark and we need to work on angles and things. But, a good start methinks!

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