Thursday, July 19, 2012

100.98... so very close!

Well I've almost finished the 100 cards in 100 days challenge... over a month early by my (admittedly shoddy) reckoning. It has been AWESOME. I have gained so much inspiration, ideas, friends and just general FUN from the challenge that I have joined a blog group called "Card a Day". Could be interesting! I will post a list of participants just as soon as I learn how.

Anyway I still have to finish 100in100 and made a couple of cards to that end today:


This one is another attempt at using my Prismacolors! Not sure I am very good at arty farty stuff.

It was inspired by Lori@Apron Strings' Pinterest challenge #14. This was the picture:

Obviously mine is a bit different - but Lori was discussing her dream kitchen, and mine is pretty much the above with pink accents! LOVE pink and green together. All my small appliances are pink (or I'm working on it!) and my wedding colours were green and pink.


  1. Such a pretty design with your pastel bowls!! Great colors and papers, Bexx!

    Thanks for introducing me to Lori's blog! I love challenges!

  2. Love the pink and green!

  3. That is a really cute card and way to go with the Apron Strings inspiration!

  4. Pink and green make a great combo! Where do you find pink appliances for your kitchen? That would be fun!

  5. Bexx, I saw an adorable kitchen on Pinterest that you would L.O.V.E! Pink, polka dots, a little splash of green. Yep, right up your alley. I've seen the cute pink appliances, but I'm outranked in my house, they wouldn't get passed the testosterone here! ;D

    Oh, and the card, so sweet!

    1. Lori the pink appliances are precisely BECAUSE I am now outnumbered 3 to 1. It's my little rebellion!

      If you see that kitchen again, please link it! :D