Sunday, July 22, 2012

Surprisingly good weekend!

Well, on Friday night, the weekend looked like being a bit of a disaster as Stew was due to work a mad big day on Saturday, meaning another one-day-weekend for all of us. However Saturday dawned gloomy and drizzly. Hooray! Work was cancelled and the Pyne family rejoiced...

In the afternoon we went over to Heather's house for 4 people's birthday party - Heather, Heather's Mum & Dad, and Heather's best friend Brandi. It was loads of fun and a good time was had by all.

I arrived home to a surprise - a fellow SU! demonstrator from SCS had sent me this month's special stamp set "Reason to Smile" because I had been moaning on Splitcoast that I forgot to put it on my order. She said she'd pop it in the post to me free of charge. All I have to do is pay it forward someday. So I'm looking out for good deeds to do. Such a nice surprise!

Then I caught up with my Google Reader (how awesome is Google Reader?!) and saw I'd got another honourable mention on 55CCT! Awesome! Finally, I checked on here, to find I'd had 658 (!!!!) hits... The Online Card Classes ladies Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire had selected this card and this card as examples to show the techniques learned in class. So flattering and exciting. There isn't a lot of instant gratification or recognition as an SAHM so it meant an awful lot.

Today we went to the Vintage Source - a monthly flea market and antiques thingy. Bought a cute little side table, allowing us to finally get rid of the oval coffee table from hell. When we first arrived in the USA we were given a budget to furnish & equip the entire house. Well, needless to say some of the decisions we made on the million trips to IKEA have been regretted, including the coffee table. It is GOOOOOOOONE now though. Phew!

Anyway! I've done another couple of challenges for Apron Strings' Pinterest challenges:

100.100 (Yep, I'm all finished! Woo hoo!)

Inspired by Pinterest Challenge #15. Spritzed this one with that glimmer mist that I keep forgetting the name of to make it look a bit more festive. So loving Raspberry Ripple!


Inspired by Pinterest Challenge #13. Another good scrappy Christmas card. Love this one, I think I may crank a few of these out!

The only Pinterest challenge I haven't done this week is the Subway Art one (#11). I may have a play this evening.


  1. Those cards are so cute, love the tree! I also love Raspberry Ripple, it goes well with so many colors!

  2. Beautiful the tree! And "Yay!" for an awesome weekend!! :-)

  3. Ok I had to comment for the second time today. Sorry it is long!

    First off, the scraps are a fab idea and it turned out so well! I love the simplicity paired with the busier papers and how well they coordinate.

    The first card is to die for though. So elegant!

    The way you talk about your husband's job and your move to the states has me curious - is he in the military somehow or did his job just bring you here? My husband is in the military and we are in the middle of a move (like I am in a hotel room and all my belongings are on a truck somewhere) so I totally sympathize! I relate to that homesick feeling and wishing family were around to lend a hand. It really is the little things!

    One more quick thing. I know you are posting super frequently which makes it hard, but I would love to know what stamps you are using, at least when they are SU. A link to your store might even get you some business! I am just getting back into the groove of paper crafting so I always appreciate a recipe when I really love someone's style. Like you!

    1. Thanks so much Paper Pixie. The reason I haven't been listing my supplies is because at the moment I am playing with lots of non-SU and I don't want to get into trouble. I love the quality, coordination and universal appeal of SU! and would recommend them to anyone, it's just sometimes I want something they don't offer! If there are any specific stamp sets you'd like ID'd, drop me a line and I'll do my best!

      My husband works for a contractor to the military on a very high profile multi-national project. I have a deep respect for those who are married to "military" - I am not sure I could do it. I hate moving and hotel rooms are NO fun! I love our lifestyle here and would love to make the States our permanent home but whether that ever becomes a possibility is unlikely!

      I will try to be a bit better about listing supplies! :D

  4. Bexx, it sounds like you had quite the wonderful weekend! Congrats on the honorable mention and all that! I am so happy for you. Your work is fantastic and you should be very proud. I love the cards today. I'm going to have to CASE the scrappy tree. Yay, again!

    1. THANKS Nat! I am chuffed! (British for Very Pleased Indeed!)

  5. Two beautiful cards, Bexx! That scrap Christmas tree is a delight and looks like a fabulous way to use up some of those tiny DP pieces left all over my desk!!

  6. Congratulations on hitting your 100 (and 101) milestone and all the great recognition! What are you going to do to celebrate?

  7. Those are beautiful! Love just the pink and spritz of shimmer. And your take on the tree is great! Thanks for playing along!