Thursday, July 26, 2012

Black dog

Winston Churchill was prone to bouts of depression, which he called his "black dog". Well, about 6 months after having Jacob (my eldest son) I was diagnosed with post-natal depression (for some reason it's referred to as post-partum depression here). I spent a long time battling it and was off work for quite some time. So the decision to increase the size of our family wasn't taken lightly, particularly with us being so far from our families & support networks.

Well, to cut a long story short, I've been slowing feeling worse and worse for the last three or four weeks. Because I know the warning signs and I am DETERMINED not to go back into the dreadful state I got in during 2008, I called the doctor on Wednesday. She has increased my dose of meds and is seeing me very soon for a review.

Anyway - serendipitously, look what Unity's Stamp of the Week club sent me this week:

How funny! Just when I'm going to need it...

So this goes out to all the people who are helping me to keep my chin up! Anything which gets me out of dwelling on stuff is a winner. So I have been stalking lots of blogs and calling lots of friends just to hear about the minutiae of their day. Cheers me up no end!

No more moaning in my next post, I promise!


  1. Hugs!
    I have dealt with depression on and off for years and know exactly what you mean. I am glad you recognize and are being proactive about help. Know you have an online support system too and I don't think you should ever worry about "moaning" in a post. :)

    I think me email should show with my name. Feel free to shoot me a note if you ever need someone else to talk to.

    1. Can't figure out how to see your email. But thanks so much for the support! I am full of excitement for the Olympics today so hopefully that'll sustain me until the new meds kick in. Crafting also helps... I'll just have to do lots and lots!

  2. What a chuckle you must have gotten after opening this Unity kit this week! I love the clean and simple card you have created with it. Looks like a stamp and sentiment we can all use from time to time.

    Reminds me of a poster that used to hang in my classroom which said, "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." I, of course, referred to it more often than the students.

    Wishing you well and sending cyber hugs your way, Bexx.

  3. Hugs to you, Bexx.

  4. Bless your heart. I'm glad you are getting help. I wasn't sure what sentiment could possibly go along with a stapler, but that one is perfect.

  5. Hugs!! It's hard some days, isn't it? I'm lucky that I don't think I am prone to depression, but with a new little one I certainly have those days where I'm not quite myself. Take care of yourself. ;)