Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Body Pump Paper Piecing

Ow ow ow ow!

Went to BodyPump today at the gym. I used to go every so often when I was a student, so I know how great it can be for slimming down quick & getting stronger. But, boy, it was hard. The ladies in the class with me were super nice though, and of course I had the moral support of Lovely Heather. Got asked again if we are sisters... That always makes me laugh as I was born and bred in Lancaster, UK and she was born and bred in Virginia, USA. But I suppose we look similar.

I managed to get Leo to sleep from 1-3pm today. He actually got himself overtired, when I took him to the gym he was fast asleep in his chair but something must have woken him up as he was happily swinging & looking mystifiedly at all the other kids in the creche after my class. He is so cute. Stew put he and Jacob in Jacob's bed for storytime tonight and they looked so gorgeous!

Anyway. I cranked out a couple of cards whilst Leo slept today (as well as doing a load of laundry, cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishwasher). They aren't my best but the idea had been bouncing around in my head. I was inspired by a fellow 100in100er, Heather B, who has been doing lots of lovely cards with furniture. I forgot AGAIN to do my Mum's birthday card, it's getting a bit desperate now. Will probably have to Express Mail it. Because my mum is a cardmaker too, I always want to make my absolute best for her, which means I'm often late as I wait for inspiration! Must do it tomorrow OR ELSE!!!

Anyway here goes. I am a bit leery of going on about other company's products (I am an SU! hobby demonstrator) so if I haven't mentioned something, that's why. Drop me a message if you really need to know. I am stash-busting whilst doing this challenge so I might just send it your way if you're nice! I am going SUO (Stampin' Up! Only) as soon as possible.

I'd like to add that SU! demonstrator support really is fantastic. As you may or may not know, we've recently changed to a Firm Foam pad (before, they were felt). They are fabulous, but my Basic Black was smudging a bit unless I heat set it. So I called them today and they are sending me a new one. It's already in the mail, I don't have to faff sending the other one back, problem solved! Awesome.


I did paper piecing here. I don't have a lot of images I can paper-piece (I seem to go for more silhouette style stamps than faffing around colouring - usually) but I think these came out nicely. I was dismayed by how little DSP I was using for just the chairs so decided to mat onto DSP too. Really like the effect. The embossing folder here is actually Lovely Heather's but I think i might have to invest!

Supplies for 100.21: Cheerful Treat DSP, Basic Black ink, Whisper White cardstock, Elegant Bouquet embossing folder.


Supplies for 100.22: Everyday Enchantment DSP, Basic Black ink, Whisper White cardstock, Elegant Bouquet embossing folder.


Supplies for 100.23: Elegant Soiree DSP, Basic Black ink, Whisper White cardstock, Elegant Lines embossing folder.


Supplies for 100.24: Cheerful Treat DSP, Basic Black ink, Whisper White cardstock, Elegant Lines embossing folder.

I actually wish I'd stuck with the Elegant Bouquet embossing folder for the second two but never mind. The Elegant Lines folder gives such a deep impression that sometimes I think it can overwhelm things.

I think I'll give these as a set to someone for a little gift. Not quite sure who, or when, but they'd look awesome stacked together and tied with a ribbon. Also they will mail easily as they are embellishment-free!


  1. You'll have to let me know how your new Basic Black is with the smudging. I have the new one but have actually been using the old one because I haven't yet gotten the "hang" of the firm foam and the black smudges terribly for me. Of course, I'm not a patient stamper. Stamp and grab, that's me! I should work on that.

    Anyway, the chairs are super cute! Very good idea to use DSP to "upholster" them, it makes them very unique and fun!

    1. That's me all over - impatient! I also haven't got the hang of them either, I think the key is probably a light touch and patient, careful stamping. Neither of which I can do! Blasting the ink with a heat gun definitely helps.

      And if your black smudges, you should definitely call DS. There are plenty of worse stampers than us out there and they need to get this right.

  2. Great cards today! I love the chairs with the patterned paper. Fantastic idea.