Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Spoon Family is Sick!

We're all under the weather... I am feeling terrible for little Leo who does not like coughing at all! His wee face crumples up and it's all bad news. Poor mite. I can't believe we're having another stay-in weekend. I am going to have to do SOMETHING tomorrow or I'll be climbing the walls.

I have got 4 cards done today! I am going to drip feed them to you just in case I don't manage to get much else done this weekend.


I am still working on the card class I mentioned a few posts ago. It's all about Clean and Simple cardmaking. Well, this is a CASE of a Kristin Werner card. No idea what a key has to do with "You Rock" but I found it in a drawer and thought it'd be fun to encrust it with glitter! When I use Thickers for sentiments, I always have trouble because I never have any A's, E's or B's. Kind of cuts into your options. I haven't scrapbooked in so long!

Most of the supplies here are random bits found in drawers. I am finding I am quite inspired by some of my old stuff. I have a big Joann reusable bag full of stuff I was intending to sell as it was either long-retired SU or random brands. I think I'm going to have to find room for it all again. Since deciding to stop being SUM I have had such a burst of creativity.

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  1. So glad you could find new inspiration in old things! Hope you're all feeling well son.