Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is symmetry a card-killer?

I've been having a look at the cards I like, and the cards I don't like, that I have made so far for this 100in100 challenge. Funny thing - most of the ones I like are completely unsymmetrical. Is this one of those "design rules"? I know about the rule of thirds (but usually forget to check that one) and groupings in 3's and 5's, but other than that my designs are usually totally off the cuff. Perhaps I don't like my symmetrical cards because they are never actually quite symmetrical and that's worse than either!

No time for stamping this weekend. Jacob was invited to TWO parties, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Whilst lovely, kid's parties are TIRING (even as a guest!) and I have fallen behind on my chores. I just hoovered and steam-mopped downstairs and the stairs, just need to do upstairs now, get the boys bathed and bedded, then shop for groceries (we are breadless and Cheerioless so it's all bad), make packed lunches and get ready for the week ahead. Urgh, I really wanted to go to the pool today but Leo conked out about 5 minutes before we set off, and he's been up and smiley all day so I didn't want to move him. So Jacob and Stew have gone without me! :-( Oh well I'm taking J on Thursday so that'll be my big chance.

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